GENERAL DIPLOMA COURSES in Business Administration /Management, Business Management Development Studies

Business Accounting
Development Studies
Business Administration
Management Control
Operations Management
Knowledge Management
Management For Managers /Executives
Business Organization &Management
The Call Centre Management
Competency Based Management Development
Competency Based Reward Management
Effective Strategic &Investment Management
Managing &Strategic Management
Wholesaling Management
Globalization &Management
Business Communication Today
Business Communication
Effective Business Communication & Role Of Information Technology
New Era Investment Planning & Management
Business Administration
Advanced Business Administration
Business Administration & Management
Business Studies
Quality & Reward Management
Global Business Today
Introductory Course In Digital Logic Design With VHDL
Business Planning
Events Management
General Management
Information Management
International Human Resource Management
Market Relations
Mediation &Negotiation
Money Management
Personal Management
Press Publicity & Profile Rasing
Property Investment
Retail Management
Business Management &Industrial Economics
Development Psychology
Environment Legislation & Policy