Library Information Science & Networking (LIS)
Digital Library Information System
Information Technology &LIS
Special Education
Education Planning &Management
Interactive English Language
English Language Development
Spoken English Proficiency
Business English
Usul- Ud- Din
Office Administration
International Montessori Teachers Training
Educational Physiology

Educational Methodology
Early Child Hood Care & Education
School & College Management
Elementary Teaching Education
Teaching Of Agriculture
Agriculture Bio Technology Management
Horticulture & Landscaping
Home Economics
Education Administration
Education Science &Industry
General Aptitude Test (GAT)
Human Right &Islam
Islamic & Arabic Courses

GENERAL DIPLOMA COURSES in Hotel & Catering Industry

Hotel Management & Tourism
Travel Tourism & Hospitality Management
Hospitality & Hotel Management
Recreation & Leisure Management
Tourism Management
Advanced Hospitality & Hotel Management
Fast Food Management
Hotel Catering Management
Food & Beverages Management
Guest House Management

Hotel Management
Restaurant Management
Snack Bar & Café Management
Hospitality Sales & Marketing
Hotel Management Marketing & Human Resources
Watering Management
Hotel Business Development
Bed & Breakfast Management
Hotel & Motel Management & Operations


Human Resource Management
Human Resource Development
Human Resource Practitioner
Managing Human Resource
Professionalism in Human Resource Management
Human Resource & Personal
Project Management
Project Planning & Control
Project Planning & Management
Advanced Project Management
Project Management Information System

Project Management Promotional Strategies
Advanced Project Management
TQM &Iso-9001-2000
Practical Project Management
Project l Management For Business & Technology
Management Development &E-Learning
Leadership In Project Management
Project Implementation Management Effective Project Management
Joint Project Planning
Project Resources Management
Total Quality Management

GENERAL DIPLOMA COURSES in Marketing Management

International Marketing
Marketing Management
Marketing Finance Management (DMFM)
Business Administration With Major In Marketing
Business Information System & Marketing
Marketing , Sales & Distribution MGT
Business Market Management
(Planning & Implementing )
Principles of Marketing
Competitive Marketing Strategy
Micro /Macro Marketing
Modern Marketing Technologies
Customer Relationship Management
Marketing Target Management
Advertising , Sales Promotions & Public Relations
Internet Marketing Management
Logistics Marketing Management
(Retailer , Wholesale, Corporate& International Marketing )
International Trading & Bonded Warehouses

Advanced Economics
Managerial Economics
Advanced Macroeconomics
Customer Relationship Management & E – Marketing Strategies
(Advanced Course)
Personal Energy Management
Sociology Management
Income Tax Laws Management
Marketing Distribution Management
For Hospitality &Tourism
Managing Marketing &Sustain Ability
Sales & Marketing
Sales Management
Organizational Behavior
Productions &Operations Management
The Management &Control Of Quality
Quality Management &System (Iso-9000)

GENERAL DIPLOMA COURSES in Journalism & Public Relation

Journalism & Public Relation

International Interviewing &Counseling

Professional Diploma Courses in Import & Export Procurement Logistics & Inventory

Import & Export Management
Procurement Management
Procurement , Logistic &Inventory
Control Management
Inventory &Material Management
Logistics , Supply Chain Management
Store Keeping &Purchasing
Materials Management

Introduction To Intellectual Property
Shipping Transport & Management
Industrial Development Inventory & Management
Procurement , Stores & Material Management
Modern Inventory Control &Management
Stores Management
Supervisory Management
Transport Management

GENERAL DIPLOMA COURSES in Business Administration /Management, Business Management Development Studies

Business Accounting
Development Studies
Business Administration
Management Control
Operations Management
Knowledge Management
Management For Managers /Executives
Business Organization &Management
The Call Centre Management
Competency Based Management Development
Competency Based Reward Management
Effective Strategic &Investment Management
Managing &Strategic Management
Wholesaling Management
Globalization &Management
Business Communication Today
Business Communication
Effective Business Communication & Role Of Information Technology
New Era Investment Planning & Management
Business Administration

Advanced Business Administration
Business Administration & Management
Business Studies
Quality & Reward Management
Global Business Today
Introductory Course In Digital Logic Design With VHDL
Business Planning
Events Management
General Management
Information Management
International Human Resource Management
Market Relations
Mediation &Negotiation
Money Management
Personal Management
Press Publicity & Profile Rasing
Property Investment
Retail Management
Business Management &Industrial Economics
Development Psychology
Environment Legislation & Policy

GENERAL DIPLOMA COURSES in Public Administration & Leadership Courses & Textile Industrial Courses

Leadership (DLEP)
Leadership Development
Leadership for Leaders

Public Administration & Leadership
Textile Management
Textile Processing Management

GENERAL DIPLOMA COURSES in Foreign Policy & Diplomacy, National Relation, Journalism, Print & Electronic Media, Public Relations & Mass Communication

Mass Communication & Public Relations
Media &Mass Communication
Journalism & Media Management
Media Literacy & Mass Communication
Public Relations
Advertising & media planning
Pakistan foreign relations
International law
International relation
Foreign policy &diplomacy
Labor law’s management

Public relations management
Ideal journalistic management
Business writing
Crime writing
Freelance journalism
Proofreading &Editing
Excellence in business communication
Business letters for powerful
Commercial correspondence
Business letters
Technical report writing


Care planning & Documentation
Caring for Older People
Learning &Social Work
Mental health &Social Work

Social Studies
Social Work in Community Care
Social Work with Children &Families


Exercise physiology
Fitness Management
Personal Fitness Trainers
Sports Electrotherapy

Sports Physiology
Sport Therapist
Sport nutrition

Professional Diploma Courses in Conservation & The Environment

Aquarium & Fish keeping
Environmental Legislation & Policy

Environmental Waste Management
Stable Management
Environmental Management

GENERAL DIPLOMA COURSES in Hobbies, Trades, Diy , Home, Photo Journalism & leisure

Phot journalism

Digital Photography
Landscape Photography

Vocational & Technical TRADE PROGRAMS in Construction Management, Surveying Management, Civil technology & Land Surveying

Construction Management
Modern Construction Management
Building Technician
Civil &Architecture Technology
Civil &Architecture Technology
Building Construction Surveyor
Land Surveying
Surveying Management

Quantity Surveying
Civil Drafting
Multi Weldor
X-Rays Welding
Civil Surveying (2 Year)
Auto Cad
Electrical Technician
Electronics Technician

ENGINEERING PROGRAMS HSE Engineering, Sanitary Inspector, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering Mechanical Engineering

Engineering Management
Environmental E Engineering
HSC Engineering
Sanitary Inspector
Process Engineering Modern Plant
Process Engineering Modern Plant
Operation &Waste Water Treatment
Civil Engineering Construction
Civil Engineering Construction (2 YEAR)
Mechanical Engineering (Diesel, Gas, Heat Engines)
Mechanical Engineering (Oil& Gas)
Mechanical &Electrical Engineering
(Mechatronics )
Electrical Instrumentation Engineering
Auto Diesel Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering (2 YEAR)
Civil Road Laboratory Technician
Material Engineering

Chemical Engineering
Oil &Gas Technology
Petroleum Engineering
Road Engineering
Railway Engineering
Bridge Engineering
Bridge Engineering
Tunnel Engineering
Harbor –Duck Engineering
Telecommunication &System Engineering
Telecommunication &Networking
Wireless Communication System
Optical Fiber Communication
Mobile, Satellite Communication
Telecommunication & Date Resource
Surveying & Leveling
Hazardous Solid Waste Testing
Control System Engineering

SAFETY & SECURITY PROGRAMS HSE Safety Officer, Safety & Security Fire Management, OHS, Industrial Safety, Criminology

HSE(Safety Officer )
Safety &Security Management
Health Safety &Welfare Management
Corporate Environmental Management
Environment &Safety Awareness
Fire Safety Management
Occupational Health , Safety

Industrial Safety Management
Construction Safety
Construction Health , Safety Management
Criminology Management
Criminal Justice
Risk Management
Risk Management &Insurance
Conflict Management


Focus Areas
Subject Vise Wavers
Financial Analyst
Financial Market Management
Treasury & Forex Management
Portfolio Management
Total Quality Management
Performance Management
Insurance Management
Economics (Principal &Practices)
Financial Management
Management & Finance
Financial Management
Business Accounting
Islamic Banking &Finance
Banking Management
Commercial Banking &Stock Exchanges
General Banking
Money & Banking
Advanced Accounting

Business Accounting &Finance
Business &Finance Management
Financial Management &Investment
Multinational Financial Management
Corporate Finance
Finance Planning In Business Planning
Managerial Finance
Audit &Account Management
Accounting Management
Working Capital Management
The WTO & The Multilateral Trading
Financial Reporting &Analysis
CTM In Treasury Management
Systematic Investment Management
Quantitative Methods
Strategic Management
Strategic Financial Management

Rescue & Emergency Programs IN Disaster, Rescue, Crises & Emergency Management

Rescue & Disaster Management
Disaster & Emergency Management
Terrorism &Chemical ,Biological

Radiological &Nuclear
Crises Management &International
Disasters Management

Managerial Executive Diploma Courses In E-MBA

Executive Manager In Business Administration
Executive Manager In Business Human Resource
Executive Manager In Hotel Industry
Executive Manager In Office Administration & Management
Executive Manager In Project Management
Executive Manager In Project Planning & Management

Executive manager In Environmental Management
Women’s Health Practitioner
Health &Beauty Management
Hairdressing &Saloon Management
Fashion Designing &Tailoring

Beautician & Skin Care Programs Fashion Designing, Interior Decoration

Beauty Parlor Beautician
Women’s Stress

Beauty Saloon Management
Beauty Therapist